Hello and good day to you all, I sure hope this blog finds you all well, as we are nearing the summer holidays on this side of the pond. And with the summer break nearing this usually means many of you will be traveling for your holidays.

When I travel I usually always forget something or another, from toiletries to passports, if anyone will forget, it’s going to be me.

Chances are you might forget an essential part of your beard care kit. Be is your trusty beard butter or your essential oils, it is easily done by the best of us.

Today I wanted to give you a pocket-sized guide on how’s best to take care of your beard on the road. So let us begin today’s topic, titled – Beard Care Tips When You Are On The Road…


Have you ever been to the store and see those tiny versions of shampoo, deodorants, and conditioners? They make them small and handy to make our lives simpler.

I choose to do similar tricks when it comes to pacing my beard care basics. Rather than carry large bottles of beard wash or full tubs of balms and butters I use smaller containers and take some rather than all of the products in which I need.

How do I find this works out? In all honesty, I find this much easier and more manageable to quickly pack before I go. You should give this a try.


I cannot begin to stress the importance of purchasing and trusting a handy beard comb to carry on your person. There has been more than one occasion I’ve been caught in a sticky spot and needed a comb for a quick tidy up, and thankfully I always have my model V type Comb to hand in given emergencies.

At first, some might laugh at the idea, but carrying a comb doesn’t have to be any different to carrying your wallet or phone. It is handy, practical and super useful too.


Ok, not everybody will agree with this one, but maybe one of those compact pocket mirrors doesn’t have to be for the ladies only, they are a neat pocket-sized design for a reason.

Ok, I get it, we’re not always going to agree on everything, and many of you are probably yelling words of disapproval at your screens already. Point taken my furry faced friends. Point firmly taken.


Do you have kids? If you do you’ll already understand how much of a savior those handy wet wipes you can get really are and have probably rescued you out of numerous situations before now.

Well, they aren’t only designed for kids, they have more purposes that might just save the day when it comes to caring for a man’s messy beard.

Chance is when you eat certain foods you’ll end up wearing much of your grub within your furry face curls, and having a pocket wipe to hand (and a pocket mirror, no? too soon?)

I believe ‘man wipes’ are readily available on the internet, and can be used for any man problem you might have, now the less said on that the better. Moving on swiftly…

Well, that sees today’s blog topic at hand come to an end, for now, my fuzzy faced Brothers and beard admirers. As always we love hearing from our community and urge you to get in touch via our many social media platforms.

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And until next time, Brothers…